Monday, January 15, 2007

Buck Knife.

This knife I got in a present from a uncle its a buck knife with wood handle. The knife has an 3,54 inch long blade the whole knife is 8,26 inches long. Its very good quality on the knife the blade is not loose and its easy to dismount to clean the knife.
The sheath that is with the knife is very solid but can be a little bit worn in the belt handle. Its an very havy and solid knife with very expensive wood at the handle. On this knife my name is engraved into the blade also the date I was confirmated.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Here is an old Canadian goose egg I found. As you can see the egg is broken and has been there very long.

In the summer about 8 Canadian gooses comes to breed here they stays usually until the hunting season starts and leaves when someone starts shooting them. Usually when they leave they its about 20-30 goose. They are the biggest goose in Norway.

Here the beaver has built dam with birch trees. Beaver eat much birch and some people are very angry beavers because they eats all their garden trees.

The under fur on beaver is very soft. But its a lot of work to remove all the stiff hairs.

Ive heard that beaver meat is very tasty but it seems that some people who hunts beaver are afraid to taste beaver and they just throw the beaver in the trash! Probebly because they are so lazy that they dont bother to cook it!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Fox hunting.

Today I hunted fox with shotgun I didnt saw any fox but I saw lots of fox tracks.

Picture:Here is some of the many tracks I saw as you maybe can see they are not old. This picture is taken a place ive seen tracks many times before. Almost all the tracks I saw was leading up and away from my bait. That is not usual because the usually waits some days before they start eating now it only took some hours! So gwyniad must really be a good bait!!!

On this picture im standing where the bait is and the house is were im going to sit hunting from. As you can see its not far from the house to the bait only about 100 fot. Its not so much snow there so its hard see tracks there now.

The bait is very close to forest so the fox feel that he very safe when he`s so close to forest because he can easy escape from predators.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Bait hunt on fox.

Today I put out bait for fox at a place where I think foxes usually goes looking for food. Im going to sit in a old house about 1oo fot away from the bait. Im going only to hunt at nights using the snow and moonlight as shootinglight. In the old house im going to sit in I suspect that a badger is holding house also.

Kit you need:A good binocular,warm and silent clothes,rifle or shotgun,plenty with ammunition and a good bait.

Bait:Its not all baits who workes good at even fox which almost eats everything. This time I have used some frozen gwyniad which I then crushed into very small pieces. Pig is a very good baits the best would I say also schrimp shells are very good. My experience with sheep(adult) bait is that the fox comes and taste at the bait one time after that he usually doesnt return at the same sheep bait but. If you use sheep I would recomand to use lam. It seems that the fox likes lam better and often return to eat several times at the bait probably because the milder taste. Fish as I used this time is also a good bait. Ive also heard about another way to make a bait which they says is a good bait.

First dig a hole in the ground one meter deep and one meter wide, then you take some dryed gras and put it in the bottom, then take some seeds or bread crums and put it in the hole, then more gras on top again. Usually after a while a mice colony will move in there and start breeding. Then you have the perfect fox bait.

Scab seems to be a problem this year all foxes ive seen had it. So its important to shot all foxes I see with scab so it wont be a problem next year also.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Nice daytrip.

Me my father and one of my brothers took a day trip on a place named Nipir. Nipir is a mountain on top of the hill behind our house. To get there we must walk up the hill which is very steep and its very much forest there to so its hard walk there. Its nice nature on Nipir with some spruces,birch and a few pines. The birch there is typical mountain birch which is very small but its also bigger birch there. Its also many small lakes there one of them lays behind the top called Vrålstjønn that lake not so very little but its very few fish there. As you can see its very snow there and this picture is taken in December!!! That is very unormal usually its much snow there so late on the year.

Here is another place just below Nipir. Nipir is the top to the left in the picture. This place here is named Nipirsletta. When we came on this place we saw new tracks of moose and we also heard he was running away from in the forest.

Here is some capercailie tracks ive also seen some capercailies there. Its very good terrain there for capercailie and other animals and also because they dont get so disturbed there.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Hare is hard to shoot!

Hare is an very shy animal with good senses so its very hard to find it and get close enough to shoot. A day in October I dicided to hunt hare in a forest nearby my house. I took the most silent clothes I could find then I started to walk through a spruce tree forest then suddenly a hare just ran out of a bush in front of me. Then the hare changed direction and was running from me. I shot after it when he was about 90-100 fot away from me.
I saw that the hare rolled a round when I shot so I was sure that I hit the hare. But I couldnt see if he ran further or was laying on the ground now because it was really much bushes. I went looking for the hare but I only found some hairs on the ground so I was sure that he wasnt dead.
I searched after the hare in about 15-20 minuts then I finally found what I was searching for laying on the ground completly silent a meter in front of me! I finished the job then I skinned the hare and carryed the food home.

This time I used bismuth 12 gauge hail number.3 they worked very good as usual hadnt it been for that I hit the hare to low and it didnt die at once.