Monday, August 27, 2007

My hunting dog:D

Here is my best friend and hunting bud!
Hes a nice dog with name Kragg! He bites a lot but not me. He is extremly stubborn and independent!
He holds good contact when we train in the forest, and he is a real bird seeker.
This breed is called Wirehaired pointer/deutsch draht haar. Kragg is only 41/2 month but hes still a good hunting dog:D
When he finds birds usually stops and point until I comes and when I comes I give him a signal to run against the bird.(but must train more on that)
He loves to chase both sheeps, moose.....
I havent shot any birds for him but I guess im gonna shot plenty later in the fall:D:D:D

My first dublee!:D

Today I took a little walk trying to hunt ducks first I saw a little duck called "Krikkand" but I didnt shoot cause it was so little. Then I walked a bit further and big duck called "stokkand" flew up from the water edge I shot the duck then a second one started and I took him down too! Then i had to walk ot in the water get them and then I was realy proud!:)
My dog realy wanted to set his teeth in these birds!!!

A good duck hunt!

Last weekend I wanted ti hunt some ducks. I walked maybe 5 miutes calling with my duck call, then I suddenly saw a fox who was also on duck hunting! I had the wind against me so the fox couldnt smell me then I jumped layed down on the ground waiting for the fox to come. After a while I stood up and walked a couple meters the fox suddenly jumped in front of me and started to run! I shot one shot and the fox tumbled down had some cramps, but it a seriously deadly shot so he died fast:D
It was only a young fox/puppy but they are nice creatures. I skinned the fox so my brother shall have it.

The premiere!:)

10.August started the Goose hunt. Me and a buddy stood up 05.00 in the morning and went out hunting:) When we came down to the lake w saw a couple of ducks but no gooses.

When we came to our post I suddenly spotted a lot of gooses out of shooting range. Then I found a way we could sneak up on the geeses so that we was on shotgun range.

We used probably half an hour before we were on range then we shot eac our goose:D

Here you can see our geeses as you can see they are very big, and you must hit them just right if theyre gonna die at once! The gun I used was my O/U sabatti shotgun with Tungsten matrix nr.hails, my bud used my single shotgun with Bismuth nr.3 hails. The rifle in the picture was never used.