Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bismuth cartridges.

Now is lead forbidden in Norway so people have to use other alternatives like Bismuth,Steel,Tungsten Matrix and Hevi-Shot.

The best type of ammunition I think is Bismuth and Tungsten Matrix they have almost the same qualities as lead but they are not poisoneus.
I like best Bismuth because they have a little bit better Shot image than Tungsten Matrix.
And it doesnt cost me that much.

The capercailien who its on the picture in another post has been shot with Eley Alphamax nr.3 that bird was dead at once in the shoot.
I have also shot some ducks with Bismuth and that did work!

So my recommend is Eley Bismuth and Nitedals Tungsten Matrix or Impact Tungsten Matrix!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Capercailie Hunt

This is a male Capercailie I shot the first day in the hunting season.As you can see its a large bird and not easy to shoot because they are very clever birds and good flyers.But they are so heavy that its hard for them to start fly uphill so they always fly downhill.

This bird i actually shot when it was still on the ground that is very usual when you hunt Capercailie alone.I shot this with my Sabatti shotgun 12 gauge and I used ELEY bismuth shots nr.3.

I have actually never tasted Capercailien but I am really looking forward to eat it!

Capercailie is almost in old forest especially in pine forest because pine is their most important food in the winter.

They can be hunted in many different ways as shooting them in the tree toops in the winter hunting alone and with dog.

Here is a close picture of the hazel grouse.They are very small birds, but easy to shot because they aren`t very afraid of humans.They usually just fly up in a tree and you can shot they while they are still sitting.

Its not so many of hazel grouses here in Telemark, so they are not easy to find but when you first find them they are easy to shot!

They taste really good and they have very white meat with a good mild taste.

Usually i find them in forest with all sorts of trees.Spesially in forest with a mix of birch and spruce trees.

Hazel Grouse

Here is a hazel grouse shot with a 12/76 gauge Sabatti shotgun.