Sunday, December 24, 2006

The last chance!

The hunt for roe-deer is starting 10.8 and last to 23.12.
So the 23 is my last chance for this year!
But when the hunt starts 10.8 its only allowed to use rifle and just shoot bucks.
But after 24.9 its allowed to shoot roe and calf and shotgun is allowed to use and dogs.
And its also not allowed to use dogs.

This picture is taken 23.12 the last day to hunt roe-deer and its also my first roe-deer!

This time we hunted with two dogs the drever which I written about in another post and a beagle.
The beagle had never been hunted with so we were not so sure about it would actually hunt roe-deer.

I had both rifle and shotgun this day so my chances to get something was much better!
When I they had placed me at a post on a little hill I heard over the radio that he had realesed the dogs and they was baying.
I sat behind a rotten pine tree and was waiting with the rifle in my hands and the shotgun beside me.

Suddenly I heard the baying a little longer up in the post line and then the deer came towards me!
I saw the deer was runing in front of me then I whistled on the deer so it would stop and it did I shot right in his loungs and he died al once.

It was the beagle who was baying on the deer so the owner of the dog was very happy that I shot a deer so the dog would get more interested in roe-deer.
The buck had still horns and was about three years old and was in very good shape.

I used a M98 Mauser rifle in caliber 30-06 with a bullet called Nosler from a producent named Norma.
That was a very effective bullet!
The Nosler bullet is a very knowned bullet in Norway and is used by many.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

A difficult roe-deer hunt.

Today we also hunted roe-deer in the same place also.
I had both the shotgun and a rifle to hunt with this time ,but I saw a roe-deer far away in the forest on my post but it was just a second I saw it.

It was very cold and my legs was freezing! I sat there a couple hours and the dog was baying all the time.
But the dog jumped in to the river after the deer and when the dog came up someone on the team shot a deer.

When he who shot the deer he aimed at the hart-lounge region but the bullet came in the neck bone on the deer so he was dead at once.
When they had slaughtered the deer we started hunting another place.
This was a Roe.

This time I stod on a place where it was thick forest and in the middle of a roe-deer trail so I was hunting with shotgun now.
The baying was very weard and it lasted just a minute so everybody thought it was hare the dog was chasing.

When I had stod there about one and a half hour I heard a rifle shot.
Then one of my teammates came and picked me up then we drived to the place where the deer was shot.
This was a very difficult hunt this time because the dog was a little bit sick and the deers was very smart.

It was a buck he had shot and the buck still had horns and even bast on the horns to in the december!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Roe-deer hunt with dog.

To day I have been hunting roe-deer with four others people and a dog.
Its very much roe-deer in that area and they have plenty of food.
The dog we hunted with is a dog breed with name Drever it is a small Swedish dog who is very little but extremly tough!

We started hunting about 10.15 am and after about two minuts the dog was baying on three roe-deers.
When you are hunting with dogs who shall find the deer and start baying then lead it to you its smart to be many on the team.
Then the team covers a much bigger area and the chances is big to get something home.

I was the only one the team who used a shotgun on this day because I like shotgun best and I dont like to shoot on long ranges.
So I was placed on a post where the roe-deer often had ran away on places where it was almost unpossible to shoot with rifle.

In the first baying another on the team shot two roe-deers who came very close it was one buck and a goat.
He shot them with caliber.6,5/55.

When I had heard the shots and he said it on the radio a buck came on my post.
Suddenly it was there but I didnt shot, the buck stod completly still with his side against me but I think the range was a little to long.
Probably if I had shot it would had died but I didnt take the risk.

I think the dog was very effective and two roe-deers is abseloutly not bad!
I didnt shot any later either but im going to hunt tomorrow also!

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Some of my terrain.

Here is some terrain I sometimes hunt I have never shot anything here, but I have almost not hunted here either. This terrain is very close to our house.

I know that its some hares there which im trying to shoot. I have never seen a hare there but I saw many tracks after them last winter. I also tried to catch them with traps there but it never came any hare in it.

And its a good population of beavers there, they have almost been in the hole birch forest and eaten on the trees. I have seen many beavers in that area its not hard at all to get close to them.

As you can see its much water and birch there so the beaver like this place. Its also a lot of spruce trees further up in the hill.
Earlier in th fall its also a lot of blueberry,red whortleberry,crowberry and some mults.

Here are also some old chantarelle, and they taste very good! But these are a little bit to old to eat.

In this place its much moist which the mushroom need to grow. As you can see its aspen in the picture to which its much of some places in that area.

Im not sure if its some animals that eats chantarelles, all I know is that sheeps doesnt eat them. But they eat almost every other kinds of mushrooms.
Hare eats much aspen in the vinter.

Here is a picture that shows that this forest has a very richness of diferent plants,mushrooms and trees.

That big tree that is on the right in the picture is a spruce tree. Spruce trees must have good soil. So its not much big plants in this forest because the spuce trees are blocking for the sun.

Its much elk in this terrain which is also being hunted here.
Further away they have a shooting tower that they shoot elk in the fall.